People are an Organization's Most Valuable Asset.

I've recently finished the first book in a series of three, on Leadership Skills for today's workplace called, "I Think, You Think, We All Think Differently". Did you know, that in the private business sector, only 33% of American employees are engaged at work as compared to 70% in the world’s best organizations? The cost of disengaged employees for U. S. companies is $483 billion to $605 billion a year!  Our mission is to enable the generations to understand each other, lead each other, and to work in cohesion and alignment for the efficacy of their organizations and to improve their own quality of life.

There is a retirement tsunami coming.  Are you and your organization ready to lead today's volatile, unpredictable, complex, ambiguous, VUCA, world?  I  want to help you and your organization harness its people's power to ride on top of the coming wave and help keep it from being drug into the undertow of the coming global leadership shortage.

Greg Buschman, Ph. D. (c)

Greg Buschman, Ph.D. (c)

Creative Leadership for Innovation & Change

Leadership Coach & Organization Development Consultant

Buschman, has held national and regional leadership roles for more than two decades. As a PhD(c) in Creative Leadership for Innovation and Change he is helping develop the strategies and practices that are building and supporting successful leaders. 

He holds two Master of Science degrees. One in Marketing the other in Information Systems, both Summa Cum Laude.  As PhD(c) in Creative Leadership for Innovation and Change he is investigating and researching the importance of leadership alignment and what it means to the differing generations.

He is nationally recognized as an:

  • Key Note Speaker

  • Published Author

  • Certified On-Line Instructor

  • Certified Professional Instructor

  • Certified Curriculum Developer

  • Certified Continuous Improvement Professional

  • Certified CompTIA SME

Larry Buschman, MBA

Global Leadership

Sr. Business Advisor


Much of the intellectual capital found in IBM Global Services (IGS) Quality Assurance (QA) discipline is Larry's original work.  Specifically, the content of the risk management tool (GS Risk) for Strategic Outsourcing (SO) was developed while he was performing risk assessments for the Service Delivery Center (SDC) in St. Louis, MO. 


The procedures for conducting Project Management Reviews (PMRs) for Strategic Outsourcing accounts was also begun at the SDC in St. Louis under his leadership and completed during his tenure with the World Wide Quality Assurance organization.


IBM Awards:


  • IBM Stock Options Award (two occurrences)

  • IBM Global Services World Wide Quality Assurance Award for contributions to the Quality Assurance discipline

  • IBM Global Services Leadership Award for the definition and documentation of the QA role within the Service Delivery Center (SDCs)