High-Performance InnovativeTeam Building with FourSight™

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FourSight™ team dynamics helps get the right butts in the right seats.

Unlocking Team Power with FourSight™ Team Dynamics

Millennials and Gen Z are not a disconnected group of people who only have their sights set on fulfilling their own needs. They are passionate, adventurous, team-oriented, and socially-minded. They grew up learning and studying in teams and expect to work in teams.

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By understanding group dynamics and using teaming models such as FourSight™, companies such as IBM, NASA, USBank, L'Oréal, Nike, and many others have unlocked in-person and remote teams' latent potential. As a result, employee effeicency, creativity, innovation, and productivity have significantly increased.


The FourSight™ is the #1 model for multi-generational teams Its strategy identifies the way employees think and places them into four categories of thinker types; Clarifiers, Ideators, Developers, and Implementers[2] The it marries employees thinking preferences with team communication and collaboration techiques. FourSight™ is creating unprecedented team synergy, resiliance and productivity even in our constantly changing remote business environment...Read More:

Nothing great happens without a team.

Multi-Generational Team Leadership, Can Be Like Navigating a Mountain Road...with a flat tire!

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Imagine it’s a typical day in the office, and Monday morning's 11:00 am team meeting has just ended...Bob and Bill, a Boomer and a Gen Xer leave angrily...


“Bill, what heck the was that?!  These damn Millennials are so arrogant it’s unbelievable, can you believe Arden just let his team run off at the mouth. Does he think he can come in here and take over?” Bill responds, “I hear ya, Bob. He’s the FNG!  Who does he think he is?  They all think they’re entitled to everything!!”  Bob says, “Classic CLM!  He’s gotta learn around here; it’s ETR baby, ETR!”

Note to Millennials and Gen Z: ETR (Earn the right), FNG (F’n New Guy/Girl), and CLM (Career Limiting Move).

Arden and Amber, a Millennial and Gen Z, left the meeting disheartened. They walk to a great tea café’, and have a cup of kava and a shaken black tea. Arden starts off...Read More:

Appreciative Inquiry (AI): Freedom to Show Strength

AI focuses on employee and company strengths. It is a positive, healthy leadership strategy and all of the generations are drawn to it. America’s culture of freedom connects all the generations in the American workforce. Our free market system is what made our economy the greatest on earth. 

Appreciative Inquiry’s (AI) roots are in the principles of freedom:

  • The freedom to be known in respected work relationships,

  • The freedom to be heard,

  • The freedom to dream in community,

  • The freedom to choose to contribute,

  • The freedom to act with support,

  • The freedom to be positive. (“Change Handbook,” Cooperrider and Whitney)

AI creates a safe and positive work atmosphere in which people want to work...Read More:

Group Seflie


Testimonial: "I was able to apply the positive leadership strategies I received to improve my team-building skills. As a result, over the next two years, my team's revenue increased by 40%, and customer satisfaction went through the roof".


James, Regional Director, Tampa, FL

Unresolved Conflict: The Silent Assassin

Decision making is proven to be more successful when done by group consensus. Wise leaders gather information from their team and engage them to answer mission-critical questions. 

There is no way to dodge the need to learn how to motivate, facilitate, and lead teams. Conflict is an unavoidable part of group decision making. Learning positive conflict resolution skills is a critical success factor for successful team leadership.


Conflict and controversy are in themselves neither good nor bad. It’s how they are handled that determines outcomes. When dealing with unresolved conflict lookout for the following types of behaviors that can become silent assassins...Read More: