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Why Care About Leadership?

Positive Leaders Succeed in Life.

Great Leaders Change the World.

Greg Buschman, Ph.D.(c): #1 New Release in Business Management, January 2020.

Leaders release energy. Your leadership energy will empower or destroy your life, work, and organization.

Organizations need competent leaders, who are equally concerned about the people they lead and performance.


At Strategic, we have a heart for people who want to be great leaders. We believe anyone can learn to lead. By focusing on leadership maturity, positive leadership psychology, and appreciative communication, we bridge leadership bridges in generational, cultural, and gender diverse workforces.

Services: Leadership Skills for Boomers to Zoomers

We focus on developing skills leaders can apply to any situation, group, or leadership style. This means our clients see immediate performance improvements without incurring extensive costs, time commitments, or resource deployments normally associated with leadership development and change initiatives. We enable individual and organizational leaders to unlock, harness, and use their leadership power to inspire creativity, innovation, and workforce productivity.

Recent Engagements

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Client Experiences

"Greg excels in the Know-Know-Know concept: Know your products, Know your customers and Know your competitors”.


Michel Isti, VP North America, MPI Tech,

Washington, D.C.


"Our specialists were taught by the best when they attended courses with Greg.  He teaches sales processes along with the technical skills needed to be effective."


David Ramos, VP of Business Planning & Analysis, Orlando, FL.


"Greg has a strong background in many areas. We have found his knowledge invaluable in helping customers."

Tim Lightholder, VP of Operations & Technology Development, Pittsburgh, PA.

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